Monday, January 14, 2013

monday moods: mixes

it's monday, and a new anatomy mix is almost here... but for now, i'd like to talk about a few other sets i've been listening to lately. check 'em out:

svreca - playground mix 119 the mind behind the excellent semantica imprint cuts through "a more visceral line" of techno for playground, as he explains in the accompanying interview (which is definitely worth a read). the mix is heavy on semantica tracks, which is always a good thing.

xhin - CLR podcast 198 xhin cooked up an anatomy mix back in 2011 that focused mostly on abstract, ambient moods. but as a dj, he's got his own very distinct, aggressive style. blistering broken beats and shrieking atmospherics abound in this set for the CLR podcast. (direct download)

jeff pietro - only for robots 032 jeff is one of chicago's best techno talents, and for fellow windy city techno hooligans don't trust humans, he shows off a sumptuous, slow-burning collection of jams pitched around the 110bpm mark. stuff from andy stott, voices from the lake and kassem mosse all gets worked into this one. (and by the way, don't trust humans will be throwing a party at primary this thursday, headlined by hal floyd - see you there!)

rookas - hidden faces a bit older - from mid-2012 - but still a good one. rookas hails from kaunas, lithuania, and is one-half of DAI, which booked artists like obtane for parties last year. hold on to your butts, because this is a very intense ride, featuring tracks from regis, mike parker, milton bradley and more. (thanks to darkfloor for the tip!)

hopefully this is enough to tide you over for now, because anatomy 23 is coming later on this week. stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks Brian, didnt expect this at all!!
    Sadly Max_M flight was cancelled, but we are looking for other date and we will have more artists to come:)