Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday reading

now here's this. some stuff to read, look at, listen to:

edm made EZ: really? not really. great read from philip sherburne about the undue praise aimed at the over-simplification of electronic music production.

the morning after: german clubs after everyone leaves pretty self-explanatory, here's a set of vaguely surreal photos (including one at right) taken at some german clubs after closing time.

19.454. interview check it out at meoko. nice read about the horizontal ground artist and his influences and inspirations.

why edm matters
an interesting essay from mnml ssgs about the ongoing explosion of "edm" - referring to the likes of skrillex, steve aoki, etc - and its potentially negative effects on a wider audience's understanding of electronic music in general.

NY times talks about 'electronic dance genre' a bit of a depressing read, given the undeserving (anti)heroes and huge sums of money involved (at least, in my opinion). "if you're 15 to 25 years old now, this is your rock 'n' roll" - not sure at the moment if this is a good thing or not.

wolfgang voigt interview the inestimable wolfgang voigt shows off his visual works and talks about his overall approach to art and production (and how it's changed over the years). watch and listen here:

... and that's all for now. but, finally, coming this week: anatomy 18! stay tuned.

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