Friday, March 30, 2012

chicago techno jams

while i will be getting involved in house-related shenanigans tonight at the MiM party at smart bar, there's some rock-solid techno parties coming up here in chicago over the next few months... here's my quick picks of the bunch at the moment:

tomorrow night, some dj friends including elly (kiddo) and andrew (antiphase) share the bill with san francisco live act christina chatfield at the techno will tear us apart again underground party.

then next week, a thursday-night natives party at crocodile lounge. this should be a really good one: jeff pietro (remember this review?) and karl meier - two of chicago's finest local techno talents - top the bill down in the basement. to get you in the mood, check out this mix the two dj's cooked up a few years ago. to sweeten the deal: free pizza with each drink!

and of course, the following evening, oktave hosts silent servant and rrose from sandwell district at the lair.

after playing to a slim crowd in his chicago debut (for which i was on the bill) a year ago, berlin dj ben klock makes his second appearance at smart bar on friday 14 april. one can only hope for a better showing this time around...

and then on saturday 21 april, claude young returns to peoplemuver's mass transit loft party. lokua from heartbeats - who recently released a very nice record - is also on that bill.

so, lots of techno fun in chicago over the next few weeks. and finally, on a vaguely unrelated note: feel free to check out my recent reviews at RA, for records from agony forces and dead sound & videohead. more reviews and a feature(!) coming soon...

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