Thursday, January 26, 2012

thirsty thursday techno

it is thursday evening (somewhere-near-chicago time), i am drinking beer and listening to these tunes.

giorgio gigli - kana broadcast 025 as usual, giorgio comes through with the goods, in the form of a deep techno session that just barely simmers above 120bpm. delicious! and a short but abstract interview piece as well.

shifted - dj set - unsichtbar 10 12 11 pitching things up to club tempo, dig this three-hour recording of shifted in action in mannheim germany in december. this one kicks into gear with a recent cio d'or track on prologue - a pleasant way to slip into a few hours of techno madness. sadly, this one is stream-only for now; the alternate download link is now gone because my fair government decided to take down megaupload.

TR-101 - RA.292 quick! only a few days to grab this before it's archived. here's dj pete and sleeparchive in action as TR-101, live at berghain in berlin. expect raw, rolling beats and plenty of bleeps and other sci-fi intangibles, and hold on to your butts. one of RA's best techno 'casts since O/V/R's effort last year. now if only some of this stuff was put to vinyl...

northern structures - TEA podcast #17 i've been following this denmark duo since their first EP dropped on sonic groove just about a year ago. this is an ableton mix done right, bunching together tons of percussive bits into a tough hour of power... and it comes with a nice extended interview with the two artists about their connections with sonic groove (which has definitely been on a roll lately) and their approach to live jams. northern structures is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

okay, that's it for now. obviously, i'm in a techno mood. and i know some of these are a bit 'old' (well, not really) but i take my time listening to mixes and the six hours of stuff here has gotten plenty of repeats in my soundsystem over the past few weeks. so, enjoy!

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