Wednesday, November 17, 2010

news for yous

hey all! i hope people have been enjoying smear's mix; thanks to the 150+ people who have downloaded. and if you're looking for more stuff from smear, check out this excellent set of deep, intense techno from him and patrick walker as forward strategy group. now onto some fresh news:

my review for hatikvah's synchronicity is up at bleep43. not exactly news because it's been a few weeks, but check it here if you want. my quick opinion: it's a solid deep-house album marred by an overload of usually-confusing lyrics. also check out a recent review (not by me) of john roberts' debut album glass eights at bleep43 here; see how that compares to a glowing review at RA, and more praise at test industries. personally, i think it's a very good album; i've been following john roberts since he put out his first record with dial, and i think the album is a warm, cozy realization of his sound.

fucked-up-bass-music producer shackleton is back in the news with the launch of his new label, woe to the septic heart. you can hear samples from the debut 12", man on a string part 1 & 2 here at juno. shackleton will also release a fabric live mix next month!

have you heard about ostgut ton's 5-year anniversary compilation, funf? it just released earlier this month in 2xCD and ... get ready... a limited edition 7xLP box set. anyway, every track on the compilation borrows sounds from a set of field recordings of the label's home-base, berghain/panorama bar. read this interview with emika, the UK producer charged with the recording duties.

remember dj sprinkles? s/he created midtown 120 blues, hailed by many as one of the best deep house albums of last year. now under his/her real name, terre thaemlitz, the trans-gender dj/producer has put together a whopping 8gb compilation of mp3-based sounds, titled soulnessless. quite the intellectual, and quite the atheist, the album comes from thaemlitz's "openly non-spiritual and anti-religious perspective" and ... as usual for the producer, it gets complicated, bringing up issues of faith, commercialism, and genre. get some quick info from RA or head to thaemlitz's label website, comatonse for the full read.

and in one final exciting chunk of news, check out this interview with luke slater, aka planetary assault systems, aka LB dub corp. the techno veteran discusses his different aliases, his approach to playing live, his work with ostgut ton... and also plans to release a new album in 2011!

okay, that's all for now. next up will be putting together a november chart and figuring out who is next up for an anatomy mix...

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