Wednesday, September 15, 2010

fresh jams

hello! i'm still kickin'.... been busy as always. last weekend's inaugural sonar chicago festivities went pretty well (more on that later), and i am working on a review of anders ilar's new album for bleep43. so until my next essay, here's a bit of what i've been tuning to lately...

dasha rush live act, berghain berlin 2010 - dasha just put this up last week, a 1.5hour extract of a 2.5hour live set at berghain club in berlin earlier this year. this is deep and dirty, with dasha throwing down tons of nonstop hypnotic rhythms and noisy effects. if you want a good introduction to the sound of dasha rush and her fullpanda record label, i'd recommend this.

graphite north mix volume 5 - now, here is a mix series with potential. dj identities are kept hidden, but you can see the tracklists which all look intriguing. this one is an absolute banger: rough, hard, industrial, as the 'unseen selector' slowly tightens the noose and drops a twisted vocal track right smack-dab in the middle... check out the graphite north blog for more mixes. i think i found out about this a while ago but - my fault - got distracted elsewhere... now i'm definitely keeping my eye on this project.

clyde drexler september 2010 promo mix - made in anticipation of opening for a show on marcel dettman's australia tour (as well as a smashing debut here in chicago), clyde drexler throws down 50 minutes of slinky, slow-burning grooves. i really like how long the tracks blend together on this one, as well as the dirty ending. (EDIT: i am an idiot, and just realized that this is not dettmann, but clyde drexler, who provided dj support for dettmann at his tea party in australia)

go go go! expect my sonar review soon, as well as a new anatomy mix...

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