Friday, March 26, 2010

mathew jonson to release debut LP in june!

one of the decade's shining stars in experimental electronic music, mathew jonson is set to release his debut LP, agents of time, on june 7!

jonson has made a BUNCH of music over the past ten years. starting primarily with records on the itiswhatitis label, the canadian producer has dropped bombs on labels like perlon and m-nus, before settling on wagon repair, which he co-founded. his style has focused on long tracks with hypnotic, slowly-evolving melodies. jonson's emphasis on repetition and subtlety was demonstrated when he came to town with his monstrous, hardware-heavy live set at smartbar earlier this year that pummeled the chicago crowd for nearly three hours.

for his first full-length effort, resident advisor is reporting that jonson will incorporate a variety of tempos and moods for agents of time, so this album will presumably have dance-floor bangers as well as more introspective headphone productions.

jonson's group collaboration on wagon repair, cobblestone jazz, has received a pretty average review on RA, but i am very, very excited to here what the man will unleash upon the world in a few months with agents of time.

for a sneak-peak, here's the only track already released from the album:

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